Skin Care Wizard

Natural Skin Care Products

     Many people like to use natural skin care products instead of man-made, synthetic ones. This can be due to a concern for the environment or allergic reactions to synthetic products.

     You can find natural skin care products at almost any drugstore. These products usually have plant and vegetable based ingredients in place of man-made ones. Even though these natural ingredients may sound completely harmless, they can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. Not all people will suffer from these reactions, but natural does not necessarily mean gentle. If you are allergic to eating a certain food, putting it on your face will likely give you the same reaction.

     You can even make natural skin care products at home. Fruit, eggs, milk and even sugar are all used to make at home beauty treatments. The website has lots recipes for treatments you can make yourself. Most of these recipes are posted by readers and reviews have been given of them.